Ignyte Lighting HB5/9007 Single Beam 35W Slimline CANBUS HID Kit

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This complete kit is suitable for converting any HB5/9007 halogen application to HID. The kit makes use of Philips Patent License HID bulbs, which are regarded as one of the best quality bulbs on the market, and Hylux 35W CANBUS Digital ballasts - eliminating potential problems such as warning lights and ECU error codes on vehicles that utilise a CANBUS. Installation is very easy and can be considered DIY. Standard colour temp is 6000K (diamond white) and at 35W provides at least 2.5 times the brightness of 50-60W halogen. Other colour temps are available at your choosing and the kit comes complete with a 12 month warranty. Included in the kit are:

2x HB5/9007 Single Beam 35W HID Bulbs
2x Hylux 35W CANBUS Digital Ballasts
2x 3M Double Sided XHD Foam Tape
1x Instruction Manual