7/10/2016 - Anti-Slip Car Service or Display Ramps (RAMPHP) & Low Rise Lowered Race Car Ramps (RAMPLP)

Please be advised that these products (first batch only, sold between 14/5/2015 and 8/8/2016) did not meet the labelling requirements of the mandatory product safety standard AS/NZS 2640:1994 for Portable Ramps for Vehicles. On 7th November 2016, a voluntary recall was issued, giving consumers the opportunity to have the relevant materials supplied to them, specifically - instructions for use, and warning/safety label. As design, construction and performance testing carried out on the ramps were found to meet or exceed those areas of the mandatory standard, supplying consumers with the relevant materials was found to be a satisfactory remedy to make previously sold ramps comply with the labelling requirements of the standard.
Instructions for use and labelling are absolutely essential for the safe use of this product. Improper use of this product can result in serious injury or death. Please respond urgently by email to [email protected] with your original purchase details, contact and delivery information so we can promptly arrange for ‘instructions for use’ and ‘warning/safety labels’ be sent to you.

ACCC Recall Link: